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A gutter cleaning and preventative maintence solution for under $30


Use the Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard and Scoop Starter Kit to help clean gutters and prevent clogged downspouts.
(Includes 4 Wedges and 1 Scoop)


The patented flow-thru design of the Wedge Downspout Gutter Guard directs leaves and debris to float up and away from the downspout opening, keeping it clear so rainwater can drain quickly and efficiently. This gutter screen is sloped to allow water to flow through the top, bottom, both sides and back, providing increased drainage over conventional rain gutter filters. Use the included self-draining Gutter Scoop to remove gutter debris easily while keeping your hands and fingers safely out of the gutter. The Gutter Scoop has heavy-duty teeth on the front edge for scraping action. The Wedge Gutter Guard and Scoop are made in the USA from recycled plastics.


Benefits of the Wedge Gutter Guard/Scoop Starter Kit:

  • Set of 4 Wedge Downspout Gutter Guards is a much more affordable and economical way to help prevent messy clogging by directing leaves and debris away from downspout openings

  • The Wedge Gutter Guard fits all standard downspouts

  • The Wedge Gutter Scoop is a durable tool to safely remove debris from gutters. Its design keeps hands out of the gutter, allows water to flow through and teeth to scrape the debris out of the gutter. 

  • The Gutter Scoop can also be used for potting soil, lawn patch, pet food, and more

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