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The Gutter Scoop's patented design allows you to clean out gutters quickly and safely of matted leaves, silt, and messy debris that have built up over time. Fits all standard gutters.


The heavy-duty chisel teeth featured on the front edge make short work of stubborn packed-down leaf material.


The Gutter Scoop's mesh screen insures proper drainage of the debris being removed - allowing the old, brackish water to go where it belongs, down the downspout. Furthermore the reinforced bottom panel makes the Gutter Scoop the most durable multi-purpose scoop on the market today.

The Gutter Scoop's unique size fits all standard gutters. A conveniently placed mounting notch allows you to hang it anywhere - ready when you are.

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Multi-purpose use! Great for pet food, fertilizer, gardening and much more!

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